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Cambrex Corporation is a Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) that provides drug substance, drug product and analytical services across the entire drug lifecycle, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


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Former Employee - Research Scientist says

"No Professionalism No Courier Growth ladder, if any employee has mentioned about their courier growth then R&D management will answer if you find a good opportunity then please move on. So, every employee at this facility particularly R&D has fed up and left out. Particularly there is plenty of redundancy of positions at Senior R&D management includes project management too. Also, bad culture encouraged by R&D management for the bullying etc."

Former Employee - Research Scientist says

"Management don't listen or take advice"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where your hopes, spirit, and dreams go to die......slowly."


"Thus company is racist to minorities and discriminatory to seasoned workers. Quoted directly from the mouth of senior management "make their lives a living hell" until they quit."

Current Employee - Quality says

"The plant is actually 'managed' by executives sitting in an Ivory tower in New Jersey making decisions that affect every individual without ever having set foot at the plant (at best a once a year visit) and after the acquisition by Permira there is another layer of decision making from yet another Ivory tower but this one is in Manhattan. Plant has end of quarter and end of year manufacturing/shipment push = denied time off during major holidays, good luck seeing your family! Everyone who has worked here for more than 3 years is burned out and no longer cares or even has the decency to pretend, rotten attitude from every ‘seasoned’ worker most should have retired or been fired several years ago, everyone works in their own silo and just looks to blame someone else. Expectations are to be a top/high performer with little to no training, no adjustment period, outside training is unheard of. If you try to learn yourself to understand the materials you are handling and the procedures you are following you will be punished for being “too slow”. They always come up with reasons why they can't promote anyone, no budget, too many higher up approvals...etc...but actually the plant was purposefully made flat so even if you were prime for a promotion there is nowhere to go. Management continues to do the same thing over and over again and is absolutely flabbergasted when they get the exact same result, just look up the definition of insanity. Fast paced environment = no training with unrealistic deadlines. Unhealthy/Dangerous working conditions, toxic/high potent materials are everywhere. Profits come first over worker moral or safety. The plant prospect is closely tied to the town it’s in; a dying place full of retirees waiting for the end."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The micro lab is scraping by with a skeleton crew...and, in multiple instances, as soon as an individual becomes theoretically trained on a task/test (AKA training is documented on-paper) they essentially become the SME and are held responsible for the task/test. This is without sufficient effective, exclusive, and dedicated training. People are thrown into the weeds. It should be noted that this isn't always the case, but it happens too frequently. And even if an analyst is not pushed to assume SME responsibilities, their training will still be rushed and they are not set up for real success before handling GMP client samples. Conflicts of interest occur frequent, with analysts being expected to perform investigations into their own quality events. Not only is this a clear conflict of interest, but it takes analysts out of the lab and adds to the stress of meeting tight testing timelines with the already stretched&stressed skeleton crew. No HR at the Agawam site for more than a full calendar year...this caused a significant personnel issue (loss of a vital micro analyst) which could have and would have been avoided had HR been on-site. Safety process is lacking. Analysts have left the company (specifically the Agawam facility) because they did not feel comfortable with the safety processes and procedures. Employees must be their own safety advocate at all times. Bonuses are a thing of the past. The last bonuses they handed out went to just 4 people, and they made us vote for who we thought deserved some recognition. We had all weathered multiple company acquisitions, system overhauls and headaches and kept working hard for the company through it all...and to ask us to vote for who "deserved" bonuses was an enormous insult. We all did. There is no real work life balance. It is work first, life second. Management and site leadership do a great job of carefully choosing their words and reassure us all that they "don't want us working so much overtime," but when push comes to shove and a client makes an unreasonable request you had better believe we as analysts are expected to accommodate the nonsense and stay as late as necessary to do so. As I was told by the site leader, "we provide a service." I tried explaining to him that I did not want to stay until after 8pm to test a sample...I worked first shift...and he explained we provide a service. Give me a break. Instead of forcing first shift employees to work 12 hour days...explain the situation to your clients and BUILD A SECOND SHIFT...or explain the situation to your clients and they can take it or leave it. Put employees first for once."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Annoying when you want to climb up the ladder, everyone in your business, definitely high school, girl drama"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Work a lot of hours with no reward. 2-2.25% cost of living raise year after year. It doesn’t matter if you worked 60-70 hours a week/weekend or saved the company lots of money. Very poor management across the board. Managers disconnected with industry trends. No growth opportunities. You will have the same title the entire time you work here. You will be given more responsibilities and pay will only increase for COL adjustment. Tread carefully, watch your back type culture. If something happens unexpectedly, watch the fingers point and busses start rolling. There is no teamwork, everyone wants credit when it’s good, but if something goes wrong they will look for someone to blame. Very poor culture."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management rewards themselves greatly. Go to CNBC and check out the stock CBM, insider holdings. These guys are multimillionaires yet offer minimum benefits to their employees. They are very greedy, very lazy and extremely arrogant."

Former Employee - R&D Scientist says

"There was big trouble my first week during orientation when I was informed by HR that my compensation would be cut by over 10% due to a tax issue. I asked my tax accountant who literally laughed out loud at their explanation. Nothing made sense about this. BS move after I transplanted my family to the middle of nowhere Iowa for the job. Instead of suing, I decided to leave the company at the first opportunity. I soon find out they had pulled similar stunts to two of my colleagues in my department, costing them thousands of dollars as well. During my short tenure, HR issues continued. They shorted my PTO, mishandled my benefits and even "lost" my paycheck once. Due to everyone's complaints, they had the entire site sign an acknowledgement saying HR can disregard any policy at will, dictate new policy at whim and essentially do whatever they want. That didn't go over well either. What a joke of a company, very shady. Employee beware."

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"Yes, there are monsters in this world and you would be reporting to them. These people are very devious. HR is a joke. You do not want to work for this company.BenefitsCorrupt management"

Reactor Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good coworkers, most problems are management related. An interesting scientific job that involves mixing raw materials and pharmaceutical ingredients to make human drugs. Work with hazardous materials (teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, flammable).paypoor management, severe overtime hours, culture of blame"

Chemist (Former Employee) says

"The facility is extremely outdated. The management team is very disconnected from their employees. The chance for advancement is very minimal. A good place to start a career but, if you want opportunites to advance Cambrex is not a good choice.MoneyNo Work Life Balance"

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was exposed to only a few technical challenges. I spent most of my time writing batch records and supplements. The hardest part of the job was playing two roles-process engineer and production engineer, but the experience was well worth it. Also, I didn't get the feeling that this was a forward thinking company. They are still years behind industry standards.Interesting projectsPay, culture of blame"

QC Professional (Former Employee) says

"Great people work there. They have each other's back. Management needs a little of a shake up. The pay is good but the hours are long at the end of the month. There is a massive push to get results out at the end of the month.Pay and the workers.Workload was too much with the man power available."

Treasury Manager (Current Employee) says

"Depending on what department you work in, you will have a different opinion of the company. Treasury is not respected at all by the senior finance team. If you are not an account you are insignificant."

Analytical Process Chemist II (Former Employee) says

"Some departments have competent management others do not. Laboratory is crowded. Very good place to learn and polish your skills. It is not your typical QC/PSG department in which analyst behave like drones the cambrex environment requires solid critical thinking skills and a solid understanding of what you do.Solid ScienceTo Flat for advancement"

Sr. Manager SAP Platforms (Current Employee) says

"Cambrex is a good company to work for, but a typical day is 10+ hours. The work environment is challenging and management recognizes and rewards top performers."

Senior Director, Global Human Resources (Current Employee) says

"Great company- terrific people. Strong leadership team. Opportunity to learn and grow. Phenomenal benefits package. Would recommend working here to anyone." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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